Meet Macbeth: Jenny Price

Jenny Price - Macbeth

Jenny Price - Macbeth

Theatre; Just Because is proud to introduce our Macbeth, a well-known face to Fort McMurray theatre goers, and an incredibly talented performer: Jenny Price! Born and raised in Fort McMurray, she chos to stay here to raise a family of her own. She has two children Alex, who is 16, and Kat, 12. Jenny even met her husband here at the much beloved InterPlay, and they have now been married for 17 years! Performing is a passion of Jenny’s, but she is also a dedicated mother and teacher: “working with youth at home and at school is so rewarding”, Jenny explains “because you can see the growth and change in them from day to day.”

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The performing arts are a family affair in the Price' household. Brandon loves attending live theatre and expresses his creative side as Dungeon Master of his D&D group. Alex is an avid trumpet player and jumps at every chance he gets to perform with the Father Mercredi bands. Kat has followed in her mother’s footsteps and discovered a love for the stage: “We are both so happy to be involved in Macbeth together as Kat, at the tender age of 12, has been cast as Fleance (proud mama moment!)”, Jenny says. “I have been involved with community theatre in Fort McMurray in one capacity or another since I was in grade 5. My very first show was “Remoka Rink” with the Keyano Theatre Company in 1992. Since then I have been in 7 more KTC productions and numerous other one-acts, small ensemble shows, cabarets, and even an opera with other groups and programs!”

“The performing arts have always been central to my life. Even though I have experience, auditioning for Macbeth seemed a daunting task. I decided to audition because of a promise I made to myself to push my limits this year and do things that make me uncomfortable. I worked really hard to prepare for my audition but never did I imagine that I would be cast in the title role!”

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“I am so excited to take on this challenge. Playing Macbeth is allowing me to open up and find a vulnerability that I don’t usually like to show. There is a lot of inspiration out there that I could draw from for this character. However, I am trying to come at it first through the text itself and I have been very careful to avoid watching other performances. I am hoping this will allow me to find my own genuine connection to the character, rather than just trying to copy someone else’s interpretation. Macbeth is a complex and fascinating character and I feel humbled and privileged to be granted this opportunity.”

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“I have had a wonderful rehearsal experience so far. The cast and artistic team is an amazingly talented and generous group of people. One of the new skills I am looking forward to acquiring is stage combat. It sounds like Macbeth will have some pretty awesome fight scenes! Rehearsals have quickly become the highlight of my week. No matter what else has happened that day, I leave rehearsal feeling recharged and excited about what we accomplished.”

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“I truly believe that experiences like this are presented when we need them most in our lives. The last few years have been personally challenging for many reasons and I have been feeling somewhat disconnected from myself and others lately. The process of preparing to perform as Macbeth is leading me on an inward journey to find the character, but also to rediscover myself. As I dive deeper into this work I look forward to discovering more and more about Shakespeare’s great story, the characters of the world he created, and, consequently, who I am at my very core.”

At Theatre; Just Because, we couldn’t be happier to be working with Jenny, and her daughter Kat! Come see their performances in the Shakespearean tragedy Macbeth directed by Justin Shaw, playing May 23-25, 2019 at the Keyano Recital Theatre. For more information, click HERE.

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