Acting on Instinct: An Introduction to the Actor's Process

Acting On Instinct.png

Instructor: Justin Shaw

august 7-11, 2018

Keyano theatre & Arts centre

Open to all residents ages 16 and older, FREE registration.

This master class is offered through the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo's Artist in Residency (AIR) program.

Shaw has tailored the artistic focus of the class to align with the mission of Theatre; Just Because: empower artists to take ownership of their work through community-based and professionally-driven theatre productions and workshops. This week-long class aims to empower participants to take ownership of the craft of performance through a series of intensive exercises designed to build capacity of the artist. To build the capacity of a performance artist, whether it be on stage or on screen, there are a number of fundamental skills that require development in order to successfully achieve authenticity in performance. These skills are capable of being developed through the practice and repetition of exercises and activities that are accessible to artists, regardless of their experience level. 

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