AHOY! A Pirate's Life for Me

Written by Justin Shaw

Directed by Diana Moser

January 31-FEBRUARY 2, 2019



Now truly I ask you… who among us has never dreamed of a being a pirate?”

Come aboard the S.S Mórtas and set sail on a journey filled with adventure, comedy, and traditional Maritime sea shanties! Will you stick with the upright cruise ship Captain Truman or will you join the devilish Captain Wilde and his band of pirates? Welcome to AHOY! A Pirate’s Life for Me, a deliciously fun dinner theatre event presented by Waypoints and produced by Theatre; Just Because.

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It is the maiden voyage of the S.S Mórtas, and Captain Truman is elated to set sail with his cruise ship of eclectic and eccentric passengers. There have been rumour of troubles on the water, but Truman insists on pressing forward. Truman’s father had been a respected ship captain of many accolades, fueling Truman’s ambition to honour his father’s memory while carving out his own legacy. As the ship sets sail and festivities began, the rumors of the troubles on the water prove to be grimfully true with the arrival of an enemy ship. Tensions flare and danger escalates when Captain Wilde and his band Maritime pirates (sorry, “Privateers”) hijack the vessel, steering the cruise ship towards potential doom. The heated confrontation between pirates and passengers takes a dramatic turn when Truman and Wilde come face to face for the first time… only to discover that they were face to face with a former best friend.

Will the captains reconcile their past differences for the good of their ships? Can Captain Truman regain control of his cruise ship from the pirates and vanquish them from the seven seas? Or will Captain Wilde and his Maritime pirates (sorry, “Privateers”) claim the cruise ship as their latest treasure?

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